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4th Panhellenic Congress of Thermal Medicine, co- organized by the Hellenic Academy of Thermal Medicine and the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, 12-14 October 2018, Kamena Vourla

G. Patoulis: "Greece should teach the Greek experience of Well-being to the rapidly growing international market of thermal and wellness tourists of the world"

The 4th Panhellenic Conference of Thermal Medicine, which is organized, annually by the Hellenic Academy of Thermal Medicine, is kicking off on Friday, October 12th,2018  at Kamena Vourla, Central Greece Region. 


The Congress attracts for fourth consequent year international participants and opinion leaders of the fields of Thermal and Wellness Medicine and Thermal and Wellness Tourism, and will be held under the auspices of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece.   

The conference, under the title "Supplemental Therapeutic Applications of Thermal Medicine", highlights the new trends and developments of Thermalism and Wellness Tourism, the two dynamic pillars of Greece’s Health Tourism development.


The conference will discuss the new institutional and legislative framework for the country's thermal springs network, as well as the developmental opportunities and challenges of spa and thermal Tourism in Greece.

The National Tourism Strategy for Health Tourism will be presented by the President of KEDE ( Central Union of Municipalities of Greece), President of ISA ( Athens Medical Association),  and President of ELITOUR  Giorgos Patoulis. .

Thermal  Medicine gains scientific ground internationally, and is becoming a trend among tourists visiting Greece . The millions of international travelers of the Wellness Tourism Market are particularly interested in the ancient and natural spas of our country, some of which have been the first Medical Tourism destinations in the world in antiquity.

The Greek State has acknowledged and institutionalized Thermal Medicine as a  Complementary Medicine, while the National Kapodistrian University has established a diploma and an e-learning department of Thermal Medicine.

The President of KEDE and President of the Hellenic National Tourism Tourism Council ELITOUR Giorgos Patoulis stated:

 "In 2025, Thermal tourism will be the world's 2nd largest health care industry, and it is the only type of tourism that creates forced repeaters. It is Greece’s greatest challenge to play a leading role in the rapidly rising international market of spa and wellness tourists, teaching the original Greek experience of "wellness" to the global audience."

"Thermal tourism is a dominant lever in the National Health Tourism Strategic Plan, while the hundreds of our natural Thermal Springs remain a dominant advantage for the promotion of Greece’s  Health tourists worldwide,"  KEDE President and President of the Hellenic National Tourism Council Mr. George Patoulis added.

The President of the Hellenic Academy Thermal Medicine, President of the World Academy of Chinese and Complementary Medicine and President and Chief Organizer of the 4th Panhellenic Conference, Professor Konstantinos Kouskoukis, stated:

"Thermal hydrotherapy has until now been empirical, but has become a complementary method of classical medicine by the documentation of the chemical action of natural healing resources, through Thermal and chemical mechanism . Today, Thermal hydrotherapy is targeted to millions of wellness tourists of the international market , who enjoy the healing benefits of hot springs around the world for a wide range of illnesses, a form of Health Tourism that is covered by the health insurance of the Health travelers. The challenge for our country remains high, and it is important not to waste a moment on promoting Greece for its thermal and natural healing resources."  Professor Konstantinos Kouskoukis added.

At the conference , specialized doctors of different specialties will present the complementary therapeutic actions of Greece’s thermal natural resources in a wide range of diseases, and will also discuss the therapeutic properties of the natural hot springs in Kamena Vourla and the wider area.

The 4th Panhellenic Congress of Thermal  Medicine is co-organized by KEDE President Mr. George Patoulis, the Regional Governor of Central Greece Mr. Bakoyannis, the Organization for the Cultural Development of Central Greece, and the mayor of Kamena Vourla, Mr. Sykiotis.

Greek Minister of Tourism Mrs. Elena Kountoura will address the conference, as well as the Deputy Minister of Economy and Development Mr Stergios Pitsiorlas, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism, Mr George Tzillas, the Secretary General of the Greek Tourism Organization, Mr. Kostas Tsegas, the President of Central Union of Municipalities of Greece and of the National Council of Health Tourism, Mr. George Patoulis, the Regional Governor of Sterea Ellada, Mr. Konstantinos Bakoyannis, the Mayor of Kammena Vourla Ioannis Sykiotis and representatives of embassies of foreign countries.