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Central Union of Municipalities of Greece(KEDE) launched a new Office for the engagement of Greece with the Greek Diaspora, and announced summer camp programs for the younger generations of Hellenes Abroad to be held in their homeland. (video)

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George Patoulis, President of KEDE: "Half of the Hellenic State MP’s seats, could be offered to Greek Diaspora Communities of the world.” 

“From our position and our role, the role of Regional government, we will contribute to the Greeks’ Abroad bonding with Mother Greece and we will put pressure on the Legislature and Executive Powers of the country to politically support the Hellenes’ Abroad right to vote on Greece’s National Elections”, the President of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) said, during the first official meeting with the Hellenes Abroad Communities’ representatives in Athens, for the launching of the new Office of the Central Union.


Giorgos Patoulis announced the creation of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece Office for the Hellenes Abroad, which will facilitate procedures and provide solutions to bureaucratic problems, the Greeks Abroad and Greek expatriates face, concerning their Motherland, the Municipality of their place of origin, and the prospects and the projects of investment interests to Greece.


“For the attraction of investments from the Greeks Abroad and international  investors, the creation of a climate of confidence is needed And I estimate, we will build on that in a systematic, laborious and efficient way”, President Patoulis stated at the press conference following the meeting for the launching of the Office of the Greeks Abroad of KEDE.

At the press conference, Mr. Pagonis Nikolaos, President of the Greek Community of Greater Montreal, and Papastergiadis Vasilis, President of the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) were present while, messages congratulating the effort and the new initiative of the KEDE were sent by Kostas Chaniotakis, President of the Hellenic Community of Chicago, and the President of the Network of Greek Elected Authorities of Europe George Kontorinis, by their promise to support the Office of Hellenes Abroad of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece.

Watch the video of the meeting’s highlights