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Cultural event for the International Conference on Health Tourism IMTJ Medical Travel Summit and Awards 2018

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Oceanis Filyra, member of the Greek Medical Tourism Council Elitour which is co- organizing  in Athens  International Tourism Conference IMTJ Medical Travel Summit and Awards 2018, offered a traditional Greek Flioxenia evening to the participants and organizers of the summit on the 22nd of May 2018.

It was a cultural event at the Museum History of the University of Athens, Plaka, about "The History of Medicine from Antiquity to Today".

The event began with the welcome speech of Keith Pollard, Editor in Chief of IMTJ and Executive Chairman of LaingBuisson International, whο referred to the charm  that  the historicity of our country and the philosophy of Life, Health, Love and Death of Hellenic Antiquity reflects to the tourists, Greece's admirers, by examples of  the Ancient Greek Mythology  .


Giorgos Patoulis, President of Elitour and co-organizer of the conference, welcomed on behalf of Greece the international guests by his speech

Honorable International Guests of the IMTJ Congress

I am delighted to welcome you to one of the most symbolic points of Athens, with the view of the Acropolis dominating our senses.Τhe memories that we all carry  for Culture, which our ancestors draw in the depths of time, surely include images such as the Parthenon. Images accompanying  concepts of passion, struggle, freedom, democracy, science

There are many reasons why  millions of travelers who are constantly increasing, choose to cross vast distances to find themselves in Athens and the Acropolis. Just  its view, seems to activate the brain’s pleasure areas, according to research on the interaction of the brain with art and historic monuments .

It ‘s no coincidence the fact that travelers who choose Greece and Athens destination report their wellness and happiness  before, during and after their stay .There are plenty of factors that contribute to a wellness result , and the philosophy for Health and Wellness Tourism in Greece, is  to highlight them , so as to suggest the best  Wellness and Health Experience to the traveler.

We particularly welcome you here, at the foundation stone of Civilization and Ancient knowledge, to navigate you to findings of the era that Medicine was born , as was the first  Medical Tourism of the world.

Our vision is to share the richness of the Knowledge of  the Ancient roots of Medicine  with the world's traveler, and not only. We wish to educate young doctors of the international scientific community, today's students of the Medical Studies and Classical  Greece, with whom we would like to interact in the future, so as to strengthen and further upgrade the Greek Health Tourism Network.

I wish everyone a great afternoon

Welcome to Athens

George Patoulis

A short presentation of Oceanis Filyra’s services followed and the vision on Greece’s Medical Tourism Future, as also a short historical narrative of Medicine.

The purpose of the event was to highlight the timeless value of Medical Tourism, the cultural context of the constitution of Medicine and Health Tourism, and to bring together professionals from the Health sector.

The event continued with a short visit to the Museum and was completed at the beautiful courtyard where visitors had the chance to taste traditional Greek meze.

IMG 2535 1