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2nd International Conference on Health Tourism Greece , on the birthplace of Father of Medicine Hippocrates, Kos Island ,Dodecanese, June 23-24

The second International Conference on Health Tourism  in Greece kicks off on Friday June 22 in the cradle of Medicine and Health Science, the birthplace of Hippocrates, Greek island of Kos, Dodecanese, and will be held until June 24, 2018.

Participants, including international opinion leaders and visionaries of Health Travel industry, experts of Medical and Wellness fields of Health Travel, members of the Greek government and Self- Government, and Greece’s key players on Health Tourism Development, will discuss the prospects of the rapidly growing sector of Greece’s Economy, Health and Medical Tourism.


The President of Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) and President of the Medical Association of Athens, and President of National Health Tourism Council ELITOUR ,  Giorgos Patoulis stated:

"From the island of Hippocrates, Kos, we will promote Greece’s “extroversion”  through the awareness of Health Tourism and Wellbeing Tourism prospects of our country.

“The other Greece” to be emerged, requires the country’s openness to new economical horizons through the exploitation of the great potential of Greece: its history, culture, and sciences.

We unify our initiatives and efforts through the scientific communities of Greece and Self Government for the realization of the present and the future our country deserves: by mobilizing Health Tourism as a pillar of Growth and Investment Attainment "

The congress is annually organized and sponsored by the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, which has initiated the development of Greece’s Health Tourism sector and has been intensely mobilized on the expansion, awareness and promotion of the country’s Health Travel industry,  by bringing together public and private partners of Health and Tourism, as well as Greece’s Diaspora,  to join synergies in the aim of establishing Greece as an attractive Health Travel Destination on World Health Tourism Index .   .

Greece currently has gained only the 3% of medical tourism world-wide, though Health and Wellness Tourism development is considered one of the most dynamic sectors of Greece’s economy for the coming decade, by directly contributing  to the expansion of the tourist season.

The Municipality of Kos island will be a host and co–organizer of the annual International Conference, contributing symbolically to the global  awareness of Greece as the birthplace of Medicine and Medical travel. ​​Hippocrates the Father of Modern Medicine was born in Kos, studied, practiced and taught therapeutic Medicine at the Asklepieion of Kos, which in the ancient times  was the temple of worship of the god Asclepius, healing ground for the ill and a School for the study of Medicine, which Hippocrates had instituted within the sanctuary's area .

In this same area, the representation of the Hippocratic oath of antiquity is scheduled by the International Conference of Health Tourism in Greece to take place on Saturday June 23 evening



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